Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Lion's Den Revisited

I have to share THIS STORY…after ranting about journalism on yesterday, I came across this AP article that was quite interesting.

Apparently, an estimated 70% of marriages in rural Ethiopia occur by abduction, whereby young girls are abducted from their homes and forced to marry. This was eye-opening to me, and further evidence why the globalization of human rights needs to catch up with the globalization of consumer markets. Our nation’s economic machine has managed to get Nikes and Pepsi into every market in the world, but we can’t protect little girls from gangs of grown men who want to force them to marry before they graduate from middle school.

Your brother in awe of a man’s inhumanity to a woman,

"To me, 'sexual freedom' means freedom from having to have sex."
~Lily Tomlin

PS: The amazing part of the story is how she was rescued and kept safe. Hard to believe it happened, but if you believe in miracles, you will remember that God has made lions behave oddly before.

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